About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best one-on-one care for our St. Louis loved ones. We provide you with individual, high-quality care at your home residence, and we are St. Louis grown and St. Louis focused. Let us introduce you to the care you and your loved one can count on. 

About the Founder - Cassondra Hunt

I worked in real estate before my husband told me to pursue my dreams. I was eager to help the community, and that is when I thought of this home health care idea. So, I used 2 of my real estate properties to set up the Hunts Haven’s Home Health Care temporary housing program. I love older people because they are fun and wise, so I jumped at the opportunity to create an in-home care solution for those in need in St. Louis. And here I am! Hunts Haven has been serving St. Louis patients for just over one year and we are prepared to grow and help even more St. Louis residents get the home health care they need. 

My husband grew up in poverty in Wellston, so now that we can give back, we are doing all we can. Alongside Hunts Haven, I run a non-profit in the area called The Hunt’s Foundation. Through this non-profit, I convert almost all of our Hunts Haven profits into community growth programs and experiences, including organizing fundraisers, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for volunteers. We run toy drives during the holiday season, provide resources like Tide pods to those in need, and host BBQ parties for community growth.

Our goal is to build a comfortable long-term Hunts Haven facility where nurse aides can help clients 24/7 for as many years as they need, extending our current 3-month temporary housing program. 

One more thing. I will always be truthful about prices, work situations, and everything else. I am here to serve my beloved St. Louis community. No secret strings attached.